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generic species/variety collection number  
Lagerstroemia indica BSWJ12660 view
Lamium orvala view
Lardizabala funaria view
Leontodon rigens BSWJ12527 view
Leucophysalis sinense BWJ8093 view
Leucosceptrum japonicum BSWJ10804 view
Leucosceptrum stellipilum v. formosanum RWJ9907 view
Leucosceptrum stellipilum v. formosanum CWJ12453 view
Leucosceptrum stellipilum v. tosaense BSWJ8892 view
Libertia chilensis 'Elegans' view
Ligularia 'Cheju Charmer' see fischeri v. megalorhiza BSWJ1158 view
Ligularia fischeri BSWJ8805 view
Ligularia fischeri BSWJ4381 view
Ligularia fischeri BSWJ8802 view
Ligularia fischeri BSWJ5653 view
Ligularia fischeri BSWJ2570 view
Ligularia fischeri BSWJ4478 view
Ligularia fischeri v. megalorhiza 'Cheju Charmer' BSWJ1158 view
Ligularia japonica BSWJ2883 view
Ligularia japonica 'Rising Sun' BSWJ6293 view
Ligularia przewalskii view
Ligularia sibirica BSWJ4383 view
Ligularia sibirica v. speciosa BSWJ5841 view
Ligularia sibirica v. speciosa BSWJ10915 view
Lilium aff. henryi view
Lilium formosanum BSWJ1589 view
Lilium formosanum short form RWJ10005 view
Lilium hansonii BSWJ4309 view
Lilium hansonii BSWJ8528 view
Lilium henryi view
Lilium lancifolium 'Flore Pleno' view
Lilium leichtlinii v. maximowiczii CWJ12825 view
Lilium medeoloides BSWJ948 view
Lilium poilanei BWJ15633 view
Lilium superbum view
Lilium taliense view
Lilium xanthellum var. luteum view
Lindera angustifolia FMWJ13156 view
Lindera erythrocarpa BSWJ6271 view
Lindera erythrocarpa BSWJ8730 view
Lindera erythrocarpa BSWJ11464 view
Lindera lancea BSWJ11118 view
Lindera lancea BSWJ11071 view
Lindera metcalfiana v. dictyophylla KWJ12312 view
Lindera neesiana BSWJ13984 view
Lindera neesiana BSWJ13983 view
Lindera obtusiloba BSWJ11054 view
Lindera obtusiloba BSWJ12555 view
Lindera praecox BSWJ10953 view
Lindera praecox BSWJ10802 view
Lindera praecox BSWJ11457 view
Lindera sericea BSWJ11123 view
Lindera sericea BSWJ11141 view
Lindera sericea BSWJ11419 view
Lindera tonkinensis FMWJ13123 view
Lindera triloba BSWJ5570 view
Lindera triloba BSWJ11466 view
Lindera triloba BSWJ11121 view
Lindera triloba BSWJ11422 view
Liquidambar chinensis BSWJ11756 view
Liriope aff. koreana BSWJ8726 view
Liriope koreana BSWJ8821 view
Liriope minor BSWJ8933 view
Liriope muscari BSWJ11412 view
Liriope platyphylla BSWJ11231 view
Liriope platyphylla BSWJ8751 view
Liriope spicata BSWJ4508 view
Lobelia aff. montana GEY125 view
Lobelia montana BSWJ8220 view
Lobelia sessilifolia BSWJ8875 view
Lobelia tupa view
Lonicera acuminata BSWJ6815 view
Lonicera acuminata BSWJ6743 view
Lonicera henryi BWJ8109 view
Lonicera lanceolata BWJ7935 view
Lonicera macrantha BSWJ11687 view
Lonicera macrantha WWJ11606 view
Lonicera tomentella BSWJ2654 view
Loxostigma see Briggsia  
Loxostigma see Briggsia kurzii BSWJ7298a view
Luma apiculata view
Luzuriaga polyphylla HCM98202 view
Luzuriaga radicans view
Luzuriaga radicans RH0602 view
Lychnis cognata BSWJ4234 view
Lysichiton americanus view
Lysimachia clethroides view
Lysimachia vulgaris ssp. davurica BSWJ8632 view
Lysionotus gamosepalus BSWJ7241 view
Lysionotus kwangsiensis HWJ625 view
Lysionotus pauciflorus BSWJ189 view
Lysionotus pauciflorus BSWJ303 view
Lysionotus pauciflorus BSWJ335 view
Lysionotus petelotii HWJ811 view
Lysionotus serratus HWJK2426 view
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