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generic species/variety collection number  
Maclura tricuspidata BSWJ12755 view
Maesa japonica CWJ12371 view
Magnolia cathcartii HWJ874 view
Magnolia chevalieri DJHV06037 view
Magnolia fansipanensis FMWJ13054 view
Magnolia floribunda 'Fansipan Furry' FMWJ13340 view
Magnolia floribunda v. tonkinensis WWJ12003 view
Magnolia floribunda v. tonkinensis WWJ11996 view
Magnolia floribunda v. tonkinensis WWJ11982 view
Magnolia foveolata DJHV06105 view
Magnolia hypoleuca see M. obovata BSWJ12626 view
Magnolia insignis KWJ12114 view
Magnolia insignis BSWJ11810 view
Magnolia insignis FMWJ13163 view
Magnolia kobus v. borealis BSWJ12751 view
Magnolia obovata BSWJ12626 view
Magnolia sapaensis FMWJ13315 view
Magnolia sieboldii ssp. sieboldii BSWJ12584 view
Magnolia sieboldii ssp. sieboldii BSWJ12553 view
Mahonia aff. oiwakensis PBR 371 view
Mahonia eurybracteata view
Mahonia gracilipes view
Mahonia leschenaultii BSWJ9535 view
Mahonia nervosa BSWJ13580 view
Mahonia nitens view
Mahonia oiwakensis BSWJ3660 view
Mahonia oiwakensis BSWJ371 view
Mahonia subimbricata BWJ16211 view
Mahonia volcanica BSWJ10400 view
Maianthemum aff. flexuosum BSWJ9055 view
Maianthemum aff. hondoensis BSWJ10911 view
Maianthemum aff. salvinii BSWJ9004 view
Maianthemum aff. salvinii BSWJ10403 view
Maianthemum aff. salvinii BSWJ9086 view
Maianthemum aff. salvinii BSWJ9077 view
Maianthemum aff. salvinii BSWJ9019 view
Maianthemum aff. salvinii BSWJ9000 view
Maianthemum aff. salvinii BSWJ9030 view
Maianthemum bifolium view
Maianthemum bifolium ssp. kamtschaticum BSWJ4360 view
Maianthemum bifolium ssp. kamtschaticum CD&R2300 view
Maianthemum canadense view
Maianthemum flexuosum BSWJ9155 view
Maianthemum flexuosum BSWJ9150 view
Maianthemum flexuosum BSWJ9079 view
Maianthemum flexuosum v. erubescens BSWJ10403 view
Maianthemum formosanum BSWJ349 view
Maianthemum forrestii view
Maianthemum fuscum v. cordatum view
Maianthemum gigas BSWJ10470 view
Maianthemum henryi view
Maianthemum henryi BWJ7616 view
Maianthemum japonicum BSWJ4714 view
Maianthemum japonicum v. mandshurica view
Maianthemum laxiflorum BSWJ10305 view
Maianthemum oleraceum view
Maianthemum oleraceum BSWJ2148 view
Maianthemum paniculatum BSWJ9140 view
Maianthemum paniculatum BSWJ9137 view
Maianthemum paniculatum purple flowered BSWJ9139 view
Maianthemum racemosum v. amplexicaule BSWJ13558 view
Maianthemum scilloideum BSWJ10407 view
Maianthemum scilloideum v. rosea BSWJ10335 view
Maianthemum stellatum view
Maianthemum tatsienense view
Mallotus japonicus BSWJ14613 view
Malus sikkimensis BSWJ2431 view
Manfreda variegata BSWJ10234 view
Meehania urticifolia BSWJ1210 view
Melianthus major view
Meliosma myriantha v. discolor MF97132 view
Menispermum dauricum BSWJ16094 view
Merrilliopanax alpinus BSWJ13939 view
Merrilliopanax alpinus BSWJ13906 view
Microtropis petelotii HWJ719 view
Miscanthus chejuensis BSWJ8803 view
Miscanthus nepalensis 'Shikola' BSWJ2302 view
Mitella × inamii BSWJ11122 view
Mitella acerina BSWJ11029 view
Mitella formosana BSWJ125 view
Mitella furusei v. subramosa BSWJ11097 view
Mitella japonica BSWJ6188 view
Mitella kiusiana BSWJ5401 view
Mitella makinoi BSWJ4992 view
Mitella pauciflora BSWJ11067 view
Mitella stylosa BSWJ11028 view
Mitella yoshinagae BSWJ4893 view
Molopospermum peloponnesiacum view
Muehlenbeckia tamnifolia BSWJ14913 view
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