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Dactylicapnos lichiangensis see ventii view
Dactylicapnos macrocapnos view
Dactylicapnos scandens GWJ9438 view
Dactylicapnos scandens WJC13793 view
Dactylicapnos scandens f. thalictrifolia view
Dactylicapnos ventii WJC13786 view
Dactylicapnos ventii GWJ9376 view
Dahlia apiculata BSWJ10222 view
Dahlia australis BSWJ10229 view
Dahlia campanulata white flowered BSWJ14340 view
Dahlia coccinea BSWJ9126 view
Dahlia excelsa BSWJ10238 view
Dahlia excelsa 'Penelope Sky' BSWJ10233 view
Dahlia imperialis BSWJ8997 view
Dahlia imperialis (large) BSWJ8997 view
Dahlia imperialis f. albiflora BSWJ14341 view
Dahlia pteropoda BSWJ10240 view
Dahlia purpusii BSWJ10321 view
Danae racemosa view
Daphne bholua from Vietnam BSWJ8275 view
Daphne bholua Singalila form GWJ9436 view
Daphne bholua Singalila form GWJ9436 view
Daphniphyllum aff. angustifolium WWJ12020 view
Daphniphyllum aff. longeracemosum BSWJ11788 view
Daphniphyllum aff. teysmannii CWJ12350 view
Daphniphyllum chartaceum KWJ12313 view
Daphniphyllum chartaceum KWJ12244 view
Daphniphyllum kengii BSWJ7119 view
Daphniphyllum longeracemosum KWJ12322 view
Daphniphyllum macropodum from Cheju-Dõ BSWJ8763 view
Daphniphyllum macropodum from Japan BSWJ11428 view
Daphniphyllum macropodum from Korea BSWJ12691 view
Daphniphyllum macropodum from Ullüngdõ BSWJ12641 view
Daphniphyllum macropodum v. humile BSWJ11232 view
Daphniphyllum macropodum v. humile view
Daphniphyllum macropodum v. humile female BSWJ11232 view
Daphniphyllum macropodum v. humile male BSWJ11232 view
Daphniphyllum majus BSWJ11744 view
Daphniphyllum oldhamii CWJ12351 view
Daphniphyllum paxianum BSWJ9755 view
Daphniphyllum pentandrum BSWJ3805 view
Daphniphyllum pentandrum BSWJ6888 view
Daphniphyllum pentandrum BSWJ6809 view
Daphniphyllum teysmannii BSWJ14626 view
Daphniphyllum teysmannii BSWJ11358 view
Darmera peltata view
Debregeasia longifolia BSWJ11686 view
Decumaria barbara view
Decumaria sinensis view
Deinanthe bifida BSWJ5551 view
Deinanthe bifida BSWJ5436 view
Deinanthe bifida BSWJ5655 view
Deinanthe bifida 'Pink-Kii' BSWJ5012 view
Deinanthe bifida 'Pink-Shi' BSWJ5655 view
Deinanthe caerulea view
Deinanthe caerulea x bifida 'Blue Blush' view
Dendropanax trifidus BSWJ12988 view
Deutzia aff. monbeigii BWJ7728 view
Deutzia bhutanensis HWJK2180 view
Deutzia calycosa BWJ8007 view
Deutzia cordatula BSWJ3720 view
Deutzia cordatula BSWJ6917 view
Deutzia corymbosa GWJ9202 view
Deutzia corymbosa GWJ9339 view
Deutzia corymbosa GWJ9203 view
Deutzia crenata BSWJ8886 view
Deutzia crenata BSWJ8896 view
Deutzia crenata BSWJ10969 view
Deutzia crenata BSWJ8924 view
Deutzia crenata v. heterotricha BSWJ5805 view
Deutzia crenata v. heterotricha BSWJ8879 view
Deutzia crenata v. nakaiana BSWJ11184 view
Deutzia discolor 'Major' view
Deutzia glabrata BSWJ8427 view
Deutzia glomeruliflora BWJ7742 view
Deutzia gracilis BSWJ8927 view
Deutzia gracilis v. ogatae BSWJ11438 view
Deutzia gracilis v. ogatae BSWJ8911 view
Deutzia maximowicziana BSWJ11567 view
Deutzia paniculata BSWJ8592 view
Deutzia parviflora v. amurensis BSWJ8690 view
Deutzia parviflora v. barbinervis BSWJ8478 view
Deutzia prunifolia BSWJ8588 view
Deutzia pulchra BSWJ1905 view
Deutzia pulchra BSWJ1738 view
Deutzia pulchra CWJ12386 view
Deutzia pulchra BSWJ6908 view
Deutzia pulchra BSWJ3870 view
Deutzia pulchra BSWJ3948 view
Deutzia purpurascens BWJ7859 view
Deutzia scabra BSWJ11168 view
Deutzia scabra BSWJ11127 view
Deutzia taiwanensis CWJ12443 view
Deutzia taiwanensis CWJ12459 view
Dianthus pygmaeus NMWJ14561 view
Dicentra formosa ssp. oregona view
Dicentra 'Langtrees' view
Dicentra macrantha view
Dicentra macrocapnos see Dactylicapnos view
Dicentra scandens see Dactylicapnos GWJ9438 view
Dicentra ventii see Dactylicapnos GWJ9376 view
Dichroa × Hydrangea ytiensis BSWJ11790 view
Dichroa aff. versicolor BSWJ6605 view
Dichroa aff. versicolor BSWJ7177 view
Dichroa aff. versicolor BSWJ6605 view
Dichroa cynea BSWJ2367 view
Dichroa cynea HWJK2430 view
Dichroa daimingshanensis BWJ15621 view
Dichroa daimingshanensis GUIZ48 view
Dichroa febrifuga BSWJ9753 view
Dichroa febrifuga BSWJ9734 view
Dichroa febrifuga from Lao BSWJ8371 view
Dichroa hirsuta BWJ16315 view
Dichroa yunnanensis BWJ15644 view
Didrangea (× )  
Didrangea (× ) ytiensis BSWJ11790 view
Digitalis ferruginea BSWJ15395 view
Diospyros cf. lotus FMWJ13164 view
Diphylleia cymosa view
Diphylleia grayi view
Diphylleia sinensis view
Diplopanax stachyanthus BSWJ11803 view
Dipsacus japonicus HWJ695 view
Disepalum petelotii FMWJ13375 view
Disporopsis arisanensis BSWJ1864 view
Disporopsis arisanensis BSWJ229 view
Disporopsis aspersa view
Disporopsis aspersa tall form view
Disporopsis bodinieri FMWJ13457 view
Disporopsis bodinieri KWJ12277 view
Disporopsis fuscopicta view
Disporopsis luzoniense BSWJ3891 view
Disporopsis pernyi view
Disporopsis taiwanensis BSWJ3388 view
Disporopsis undulata view
Disporum bodinieri DJHC765 view
Disporum calcaratum BWJ15552 view
Disporum cantoniense BSWJ9715 view
Disporum cantoniense view
Disporum cantoniense v. kawakamii RWJ10103 view
Disporum cantoniense v. sikkimense BSWJ2358 view
Disporum cantoniense v. sikkimense BSWJ2337 view
Disporum cantoniense v. y-tiense WWJ11958 view
Disporum cantoniense v. y-tiense HWJ1045 view
Disporum flavens BSWJ872 view
Disporum flavens BSWJ651 view
Disporum hookeri = see Prosartes view
Disporum lanuginosum = see Prosartes view
Disporum leschenaultianum BSWJ9484 view
Disporum leucanthum view
Disporum longistylum BSWJ2859 view
Disporum longistylum BWJ8128 view
Disporum longistylum L1564 view
Disporum lutescens view
Disporum maculatum = see Prosartes view
Disporum nantauense BSWJ6812 view
Disporum nantauense BSWJ359 view
Disporum sessile view
Disporum sessile BSWJ2824 view
Disporum sessile 'Aureovariegatum' view
Disporum sessile f. macrophyllum BSWJ4316 view
Disporum sessile 'Variegatum' clone 2 view
Disporum smilacinum view
Disporum smilacinum BSWJ713 view
Disporum smilacinum from Korea BSWJ531 view
Disporum smilacinum pink view
Disporum smithii = see Prosartes view
Disporum taiwanense BSWJ1513 view
Disporum taiwanense BSWJ7068 view
Disporum tonkinensis BSWJ11766 view
Disporum tonkinensis HWJ882 view
Disporum tonkinensis BSWJ11814 view
Disporum tonkinensis BSWJ11672 view
Disporum trabeculatum view
Disporum trabeculatum 'Nakafu' view
Disporum uniflorum BSWJ4300 view
Disporum uniflorum BSWJ8501 view
Disporum viridescens BSWJ4598 view
Disporum viridescens BSWJ1286 view
Dobinea vulgaris BSWJ2532 view
Drimys granatensis v. grandiflora BSWJ10777 view
Drimys winteri v. chilensis view
Drimys see Tasmannia  
Drimys see Tasmannia lanceolata view
Dystaenia takesimana BSWJ12627 view
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