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generic species/variety collection number  
Beesia calthifolia view
Begonia annulata HWJK2424 view
Begonia baviensis BWJ15651 view
Begonia chapaensis HWJ642 view
Begonia chitoensis BSWJ1954 view
Begonia formosana f. albo-maculata BSWJ6881 view
Begonia grandis 'Sapporo' view
Begonia guaniana 'Pink Lady' BWJ8119 view
Begonia labordei 'Candy Floss' BWJ7858 view
Begonia nantoensis NMWJ14461 view
Begonia palmata see B. panchtharensis BSWJ2692 view
Begonia panchtharensis BSWJ2692 view
Begonia pedatifida DJHC98473 view
Begonia putii BSWJ7245 view
Begonia sikkimensis see B. panchtharensis BSWJ2692 view
Begonia sinensis BWJ8011a view
Begonia sinensis 'Red Undies' BWJ8011 view
Begonia taliensis EDHCM042 view
Begonia versicolor BWJ15726 view
Begonia 'Wild Swan' BWJ7772 view
Berberis amurensis v. latifolia BSWJ8539 view
Berberis densa BSWJ14880 view
Berberis densa BSWJ14873 view
Berberis goudotii BSWJ14892 view
Berberis goudotii BSWJ10769 view
Berberis grandiflora BSWJ10672 view
Berberis insignis v. insignis BSWJ2432 view
Berberis macrosepala v. macrosepala BSWJ2124 view
Berberis subacuminata FMWJ13290 view
Bergenia pacumbis BSWJ2693 view
Betula alleghaniensis view
Betula ermanii BSWJ12600 view
Betula ermanii BSWJ10852 view
Betula insignis ssp. fansipanensis FMWJ13149 view
Betula insignis subsp. fansipanensis BSWJ11751 view
Betula michauxii KA 23 view
Betula utilis HWJK2250 view
Betula utilis HWJK2345 view
Betula utilis GWJ9259 view
Bidens triplinervia 'Sunny Days' BSWJ10276 view
Blechnum chilense view
Bocconia frutescens BSWJ14292 view
Boenninghausenia albiflora BSWJ1479 view
Boenninghausenia albiflora BSWJ3112 view
Boenninghausenia albiflora pink tinged BSWJ3112 view
Bomarea acutifolia BSWJ10388 view
Bomarea aff. setacea BSWJ14213 view
Bomarea boliviensis view
Bomarea frondea BSWJ14354 view
Bomarea hirsuta BSWJ14442 view
Bomarea hirsuta BSWJ10774 view
Bomarea multiflora BSWJ14347 view
Bomarea multiflora BSWJ14847 view
Bomarea multiflora BSWJ14725 view
Bomarea multiflora BSWJ14406 view
Bomarea multiflora BSWJ14291 view
Bomarea patinii BSWJ14730 view
Bomarea patinii BSWJ14376 view
Bomarea puracensis BSWJ14729 view
Bomarea puracensis BSWJ14705 view
Bomarea sanguinea BSWJ14706 view
Bomarea sanguinea BSWJ14310 view
Bomarea setacea BSWJ14875 view
Bomarea setacea BSWJ14946 view
Boquila trifoliolata view
Boykinia aconitifolia view
Boykinia occidentalis view
Boykinia rotundifolia view
Brassaiopsis bodinieri BSWJ11743 view
Brassaiopsis dumicola KWJ12217 view
Briggsia kurzii GWJ9342 view
Buddleja aff. cordata BSWJ10433 view
Buddleja aff. lindleyana BSWJ11478 view
Buddleja asiatica BSWJ11278 view
Buddleja colvilei WJC13823a view
Buddleja colvilei BSWJ2121 view
Buddleja colvilei GWJ9384b view
Buddleja colvilei GWJ9399 view
Buddleja colvilei GWJ9384a view
Buddleja colvilei WJC13760 view
Buddleja colvilei 'Kewensis' view
Buddleja davidii BWJ8083 view
Buddleja delavayi (heliophylla) view
Buddleja fallowiana BWJ7803 view
Buddleja forrestii BWJ8020 view
Buddleja forrestii KR2737 view
Buddleja japonica BSWJ8912 view
Buddleja macrostachya HWJ602 view
Buddleja macrostachya WWJ12016 view
Buddleja megalocephala BSWJ9106 view
Buddleja myriantha v. alba 'Sikkim Snow' GWJ9286 view
Buddleja nivea from eastern Himalaya BSWJ2679 view
Buddleja nivea v. yunnanensis BWJ8146 view
Buddleja paniculata from Vietnam BWJ16321 view
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