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generic species/variety collection number  
Fagraea ceilanica FMWJ13099 view
Fagus longipetiolata BSWJ11764 view
Fallopia multiflora v. hypoleuca BSWJ120 view
Farfugium formosanum NWJ14574 view
Farfugium japonicum BSWJ884 view
Farfugium japonicum BSWJ14699 view
Farfugium japonicum double flowering form view
Farfugium japonicum v giganteum BSWJ15122 view
Fatsia polycarpa BSWJ1776 view
Fatsia polycarpa BSWJ3467 view
Fatsia polycarpa BSWJ7144 view
Fatsia polycarpa BSWJ10133 view
Ferula communis ssp. glauca BSWJ12999 view
Ferula tingitana BSWJ14005 view
Filipendula × auriculata BSWJ10863 view
Filipendula camtschatica BSWJ10828 view
Filipendula camtschatica BSWJ10987 view
Filipendula kiraishiensis BSWJ1571 view
Filipendula multijuga BSWJ10950 view
Filipendula purpurea view
Filipendula rubra 'Venusta' view
Filipendula rufinervis BSWJ8469 view
Filipendula rufinervis BSWJ941 view
Frangula californica BSWJ14057 view
Fraxinus × chiisanensis BSWJ12719 view
Fuchsia arborescens BSWJ10475 view
Fuchsia boliviensis v. luxurians BSWJ14871 view
Fuchsia cordatifolia BSWJ9095 view
Fuchsia cordatifolia BSWJ10325 view
Fuchsia hemsleyana 'Silver Lining' BSWJ10478 view
Fuchsia michoacanensis BSWJ9148 view
Fuchsia microphylla BSWJ10331 view
Fuchsia microphylla ssp. aprica (F) BSWJ9101 view
Fuchsia petiolaris BSWJ10675 view
Fuchsia splendens BSWJ10469 view
Fuchsia venusta BSWJ14204 view
Fuchsia venusta BSWJ14204 view
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