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Payment and delivery


At the checkout, we ask you to complete your contact details, delivery address and credit card information.

Please be assured that your credit card information will only be used after we confirm that your order is ready for delivery. We do however require them at this point as a commitment of your intention to make a purchase.

As it works at Crûg Farm, we prefer to discuss your purchases with you, hence after you have compiled and processed your wish list, we can email confirmation of availability/size/suitability.

Only then can we assess and confirm final cost and only then will we charge your credit card.


Due to the adverse weather we experienced in March and the volume of orders we are receiving we are not able to promise next day delivery at the moment
We thank you for your understanding

After arrangements to receive the consignment are confirmed, they will be sent out in our custom-made boxes by our specialist carrier for next day delivery.


The minimum carriage is £25.00 for the first box full, thereafter increasing according to the pot size of the plants you wish to purchase. Large volume orders can be arranged seperately.

Crûg small box

£25.00 for 1st box Short plants can be delivered in our 30cm (1ft) high boxes. We would normally expect to pack between 12 to 8 plants in this sized box depending on the top-growth (time of year).

Crûg medium box

£25.00 for 1st box Our medium box is 60cm (2ft) high and can accommodate a similar number of taller plants as the small box.

Crûg tall box

£35.00 for 1st box Our tall box is 123cm (4ft) high. We will pack cane supported climbers and taller shrubs in this size box. We would normally expect to pack 10 climbers in 2litre pots in this size. This box has a 'door' to make it easier for you to get your plants out. Please remember that there is additional space at the base for smaller plants.

Crûg extended box

£35.00 for 1st box Our extended box is anything up to 249cm (8ft) high. The larger climbers, shrubs and trees are best packed in these. Please remember that there is additional space at the base for smaller plants.

The illustrations on the left show 'typical' packing situations and are included to give you a rough idea of how many plants will fit into a box.
European Carriage

For information on our transport charges for Europe, Please read our guide to European Carriage Charges